Women in Biomedical Science

Constitution and Bylaws

Officer Positions
a) President – liaison between organization and GSA, primary contact for organization
b) Vice President – liaison between entire organization and President and will fill in as leader if President unwilling or unable to fulfill organizational duties
c) Secretary – will document, disseminate, and archive organization’s discussions, activities, communications, minutes, and membership activity
d) Treasurer – primary contact for organization’s budget, expenses, and revenue flows, and will sign all reimbursements and track budget progress
e) Historian – will photograph events and assist in web updates as well as recruiting materials and activities

Officer Elections

Elections will occur each year prior to May so that the executive board is established in time for the upcoming school year. All board members will continue in current positions unless they notify the organization of their resignation by the beginning of April. Elections will be held for all open positions and all organization members who have attended at least 2 meetings are eligible to run for office and to vote. The faculty advisor must be present for elections.
Emergency elections may occur at other times such as a board member resigning, dying, or found guilty of criminal activity. The emergency election will be enacted by unanimous vote of the remaining executive board members and then follow the procedures outlined above.

This constitution may be amended by unanimous approval of the executive board. Proposed amendments must be presented at a meeting to all members and openly discussed prior to board vote. The faculty advisor has veto power over potential amendments found to be discriminatory.


Be the inspiration for the next generation of biomedical scientists.



This group does not discriminate against or exclude interested boys or transgender people. 

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